An Unintentional Digital Detox

Digital Detox.jpg

I’ve spoken a few times about how important I feel it is to switch off completely and even chucking my phone in a drawer come 8pm. Seriously, most nights, this is its designated bedtime. Last week, though, I had a little unexpected digital detox imposed upon me by internet provider problems.

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Nailing It

Nailing It.jpg

Visiting the salon for a new ‘do and gel nails too last week, my stylist asked what colour I had in mind. “Oooh, just a shade which makes me look like I’ve got my life together”, was the answer I gave. Because the truth is, a fresh coat of gel polish does exactly that for me. The Mr and I were about to take a trip away sans kids, enjoying some grown-up time.

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Easter Adventures


The sun has been shining here in Northumberland, so we took advantage at the weekend, grabbing a beach barbecue that lasted well into the evening. Disclaimer: this did involve yours truly dancing on picnic tables wearing a blanket and singing along to the Grease 2 soundtrack. And believe it or not, I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol. What can I say, embarrassing my kids is a natural talent…

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