Nailing It

Nailing It.jpg

Visiting the salon for a new ‘do and gel nails too last week, my stylist asked what colour I had in mind. “Oooh, just a shade which makes me look like I’ve got my life together”, was the answer I gave. Because the truth is, a fresh coat of gel polish does exactly that for me. The Mr and I were about to take a trip away sans kids, enjoying some grown-up time.

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Easter Adventures


The sun has been shining here in Northumberland, so we took advantage at the weekend, grabbing a beach barbecue that lasted well into the evening. Disclaimer: this did involve yours truly dancing on picnic tables wearing a blanket and singing along to the Grease 2 soundtrack. And believe it or not, I hadn’t had a drop of alcohol. What can I say, embarrassing my kids is a natural talent…

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Mum Mistakes


This week the school are doing an initiative to get kids walking more. The idea is that pupils wear sparkly, bright shoes to highlight being active and encourage them in the process. Which is all well and good, until someone (ahem, me) goes and gets the day wrong.

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