Nailing It

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Visiting the salon for a new ‘do and gel nails too last week, my stylist asked what colour I had in mind. “Oooh, just a shade which makes me look like I’ve got my life together”, was the answer I gave. Because the truth is, a fresh coat of gel polish does exactly that for me. The Mr and I were about to take a trip away sans kids, enjoying some grown-up time.

I think playing at having everything in order is actually a very good tactic, and another way of winging it, so to speak. Looking down on pristine talons makes me think, “yeah, I’ve totally got this.” Obviously, I still managed to forget the odd key travel item and smear lipstick onto my new shirt dress during said break, but in general, I was doing a good job of adulting. Which is what matters, right?

‘Fake it til you make it’ has always been one of my favourite mantras, as well as ‘shy bairns get nowt’. Half the time we’re gliding along like swans, while peddling furiously underneath the surface. As much as we compare ourselves to others, there is always something else going on. Never ever fall into the comparison black hole, as I can promise thisย will suck away vital energy better preserved for being you.

Whether tackling a work crisis, personal trauma, illness or even a more basic dilemma, we’re all doing the best we can. Although I’m 33, I still wonder when you seriously feel like a proper official adult. Yes I have two children, but every single stage is new territory. And I’m assuming this remains the same when they’re older too.

Polished nails, a bit of beauty armour, your favourite song or a workout; what helps you grab life by the bits and feel like you’ve totally and utterly got this (for today anyway)?

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