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Walk it Off

I’ve always been one for walking, even dragging my husband on daily treks when heavily pregnant to try and induce labour (to no avail… but I was an extremely fit 42-week pregnant mumma) It’s exercise you can do without noticing too much. Well, if the kids co-operate, that is.

I think I took it for granted how much easier walks were when my babies were strapped into their double pushchair. Yeah the hills were a killer, and that day I dragged the pushchair home on 2 wheels when the third got a puncture almost finished me off. But, I could swiftly get them from a to b and enjoy the scenery at the same time.

Now though, I’m even more determined. Because I want my little ones to learn the value of walking. Leaving the house to do the school walk the other day, I explained why we were going on foot. T’s response was, “exercise? I already have it.. don’t need any more Mummy”.

This morning I totally misjudged the weather and we got soaked in a snowstorm (it is April isn’t it?!). I felt massively guilty because T was in his school shorts, as it had been sunny when we left the house. Luckily, a lovely pal saved me from being a drowned rat and gave me a lift back home. Although it started the day off on a grump with them not being at all impressed, on a nicer morning it really does seem the best remedy for the kids to shake off their morning moans.

And mine too, it has to be said. Our walk is a couple of miles as a round-trip and involves a massive hill. We don’t always have the car so walking is the only option on those days, but even with it outside the house, I want to try.

We’ve taken to heading out into Northumberland on a long walk into woodland or across the beach at weekends as a family. I’d like themย to run about wild for as much of their childhood as possible, in all seasons.

A free activity that tires the kids out for bed and gets the endorphins pumping? You can’t beat a decent walk.

Disclaimer: the above is a shot of me doing a review of a lovely Pepperberry by Bravissimo dress and is not an accurate representation of the ‘glowing’ (aka hot and bothered) look I sport as standard on the school run. There’s no need for you to see a picture of that.



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