Stop! Mama Time


One of my biggest flaws is a failure to stop. I don’t stop to give myself credit for something I’ve achieved, stop to sit down when there’s some free time or even stop to stuff my face with chocolate plus coffee and a magazine sans children.

Since becoming a mum, I, like all mothers I know, can often fail to put my own needs first even when there’s a chance to. Yeah there’s a pile of washing to sort, or another school form to fill in, but the indulgence of 5 minutes peace (who else loved that book as a child?) is now starting to become my priority. Gradually and forcefully, a conscious effort has to be made to regain stopping time.

Because I can’t stop, a minute of watching TV or catching up on Vogue can be blighted by my need to do something else at the same time. Why am I flicking through Twitter or catching up on emails when I need to just BE? Turning my phone off at its bedtime helps and I wrote about this recently in my 3 Top Happiness Tips. But, there’s definitely still room for improvement in the technology time out department.

Equally, as my sister pointed out yesterday- I’m not allowing myself the opportunity to celebrate stuff I’ve accomplished. I bet this isn’t just me and that we all do this.There’s always talk about taking a moment to be grateful for our life etc etc, but I’m thinking we need to be grateful for ourselves. Nailing a big meeting, getting the kids out the door on time, absolutely killing it with the winged eyeliner… all these things are worthy of a stop and give ourselves credit moment.

So tonight, as it’s Friday night, I’m stopping to sit down, patting myself on the back for not forgetting T’s packed lunch this morningΒ and savouring a big fat glass of Rioja. And I’m urging you to do the very same.

5 thoughts on “Stop! Mama Time

  1. LOVE this, so true, you and I are basically the same person, I am a multi-tasking mutha and find it hard to just do one thing at a time, without thinking about ticking the next point off on the to-do list. Time to CHILL OUT! Thanks for the reminder beautiful x

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