Barbie: Imagine The Possibilities

Barbie are asking, “what happens when girls are free to be anything?” in their brilliant new video.

Exploring the power of imagination plus limitless potential, this video shows little girls in real-life situations acting out grown-up careers. Equally funny and inspiring to watch, my favourite is the child addressing a lecture theatre as a professor. In another scene, a girl coaches a football team much to the unaware players’ amusement. Additional careers shown include a vet and a flight attendant.

Barbie’s new video shows that playing with dolls in certain roles can inspire kids’ dreams for the future. Putting aside the fluff and pink often associated with Barbie toys, it conveys a strong, empowering message and is definitely one to share.

Well worth a watch, view the full video HERE.

4 thoughts on “Barbie: Imagine The Possibilities

  1. Love this, really inspiring for little (and big) girls. Have you seen Barbie’s Dreamhouse, my boys love it-so tongue in cheek and hilarious! Go Barbie-a millennium mum and career gal x


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