Cinq Mondes Paris Rose Petals Rain Mist

Perfume seems an obvious yet welcome gift on Valentine’s Day, and I am running low on Coco Mademoiselle. It’s always good to mix things up a little though, and my favourite treats are ones I wouldn’t think to buy myself.

CINQ MONDES Rose Blossom Rain BD

Cinq Mondes Paris’ Rose Petals Rain Mist (RRP £35) is a beautifully scented spray which can be used after a shower for locked in silky soft skin. The mist consists of rose petals gathered from Morocco, creating a luxe multi-cultural vibe. Crammed with conditioning properties, this product can also be used as a quick moisturiser alternative. Cinq Mondes specialise in superior skincare and this one has naturally nailed your every need.

Having used Cinq Mondes Rose Petals Rain Mist for a week, our romance has officially begun- my Chanel now sits sadly neglected on the shelf. Long lasting and luxurious, it will vamp up your Valentine’s lust list.

Cinq Mondes stockist- Spa Sense Ltd (0844 335 1886).

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