Keungzai Maternity Clothing For Bump and Beyond

Pregnancy and motherhood are a  steep style challenge, there’s no doubt about it. In my experience baby brain appears almost straight after the blue line, alongside an irrational and immediate fear of a once fabulous wardrobe. Yet with such an important event looming, it is the time in life that you need to feel your absolute outfit best.

Keungzai are a luxury label that conquer this conundrum, conjuring up a collection designed and made in the UK. In their own words, the brand’s mission is to “solve every day sartorial dilemmas for the modern woman; pre, during and post-pregnancy”.

Keungzai’s pieces are versatile and va va voom, offering an investment option that will see you from bump to beyond. An area that is often missed on the high street is the post baby stage where your figure feels impossible to dress without still looking pregnant and/or resembling a human tent. The beauty of this range is that you can feel gorgeous whilst wearing a breastfeeding garment or stay comfortable and chic in super soft leggings.

Your before baby brain may never be the same, but what does it matter when that pre Mama style can most certainly remain.

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