The Life Juggle


Here’s a picture of me at the beginning of chaotic half term week; looking calm, but with lots of help and being hosted by a friend who was supplying copious amounts of caffeine. That motherhood notion of juggling it all and winning? I prefer the idea of trying to work out how best to move forward when we do drop the ball/s, as this mysterious multi-tasking concept seems pretty far fetched and one that I think can breed feelings of inadequacy.

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Immune System Booster Tips from Optibac Probiotics


With the colder weather seems to come all sorts of nasty bugs and colds. One of our little ones is off school at the moment and I’m trying to boost my own immune system too. Probiotics are a brilliant addition to your routine, as the benefits of protecting your gut also cover a whole host of health issues. I’ve teamed up with OptiBac Probiotics, gathering their top immune system boosting tips.

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